Friday, October 8, 2010

US Concert Sold Out

So the tickets for the concert in MSG went on sale today at noon.  I was on, I searched for two tickets together and didn't get them.  Luckily I got them on an other site fro more than double the price.
The concert sold out within 40 minutes of the online sales opening. This is just crazy.  When I didn't get my ticket from there I was so pissed.  I eventually gave in and payed $180/ticket to get to go.
So I will be going, no doubt about that now.  The tickets aren't the best but they are not the worst either.
Anyone else going to be making the it out to the show?
This only further proves that Rammstein needs to do a US tour, or at least do one or two more shows here.
I beg them to do more.  I want to be front row to one of these shows!  Please come again!
I will make my way to a Rammstein concert in Germany some day.  Just need some time.
That's all for now.  Tchoss!

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