Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Not much news to report on Rammstein lately.  I will keep looking for anything that may come up.
In the mean time I will suggest that you all visit the Rammstein online store.  It's very kick-ass.  I have bought things from them in the recent past and I will undoubtedly order things again in the future, when I have money to buy anything.
They have tons of amazing posters, clothes, flags, bags (messenger and purses), key charms, window decals, you can buy all their albums on the site as well as their DVDs.  There is just a ton of awesome things on there.
Here's the link!


  1. I will have to look into that. i love Rammstein!
    Rammstein fur immer!

  2. If only I had the moneys! I want to order like everything so fucking bad!

  3. I saw them one time in paris, was unforgettable :p

  4. some awesome clothes in that store! keep up the work :)

  5. I love Rammstein, they are amazing Live

  6. Hey nice, I didn't realize they had such a legit store!